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Ratio iX3M GPR Tech+

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Ratio iX3M GPS Tech+ Edition Dive Computer

The nitrox dive computers Ratio iX3M [GPS] Tech+ Edition is The dive computer dedicated to multi-gas diving Air/Nitrox and depth gauge. It is compatible with the Ratio wireless LED-color pressure gauge. The integrated algorithm of the multi-gas dive computer Ratio IX3M [GPS] Tech+ is a combination of Buhlmann ZHL16-B and VPM-B (Varying Permeability Model). This version of the IX3M is also configurable on the deep stop increments. It will tell you the same ”decompression table” of your ascent, indicating the necessary mixture, depth and time. An outside oxygen sensor can be fixed to the computer before the dive to analyze the oxygen rate in your tank. The log book is very comprehensive, indicating the saturation profile, active mixing, back to surface speed, gradients, critical microbubble size, temperature, average and maximum depth, planning the next dive etc …



  • Air, Nitrox, Trimix(full), CCR Dive Modes
  • 10 Settable Mix
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16B Algorithms + VPM-B
  • User settable Gradient Factors and Critical Bubble Radious


Compatible with the new Color-Coded Wireless Transmitter

A state of the art Wireless Air Transmitter that flashes up in green, yellow or red according to your tank’s pressure during the whole dive. You see your tank pressure from your iX3M, your buddy or your instructor from your CC Transmitter. Rechargeable with the same USB cable of the iX3M.


The Biggest, colorful display ever

  • Amazing High contrast
  • QVGA 2.8 inc. 144 dpi resolution
  • Color display with big and extremely readable characters


IPS Technology for an astonishing Wide-Angle view

Over 150° angle view for unrivalled clarity in every position of your wrist.


Integrated Global Navigation Satellite System – Just set a point, the iX3M will bring you there

A state of the art GNSS that can use all type of satellites systems (GPS; GLONASS; QZSS; SBAS; BEIDOU) provided by all the major nations (USA, Russia, Japan, and China) for a perfect worldwide signal.

  • Set the coordinates of a point and go there.
  • Mark your current coordinates and back there. (e.g. a dive-point or the boat)
  • Track your position, speed and direction. (e.g. to give them to a rescue team)

N.B. The satellite signal is not received underwater


A true Double Core Algorithm: Buhlmann ZHL16B + VPM-B

The iX3M features both the Buhlmann ZHL16-B and the VPM-B Algorithm. Both pre-installed, in complete versions and running in Real Time. You have just to choose from the iX3M menu which Algorithm to use for your dive.


User Settable Gradient Factors and Critical Bubble Radius – Make the Algorithm yours.

  • With the iX3M you can adjust the Gradient Factors (for Buhlmann ZHL 16-B) and the Critical Bubble Radius (for VPM-B)
  • Set the iX3M’s Algorithm according to your physical conditions and to the type of dive you are going to perform.
  • Directly from the menu of the iX3M computer. This is a true Technical Dive Computer.


Real Time Algorithms – Maximum of flexibility, reliability and performance

The iX3M Edition integrates the real and complete Algorithm to calculate your current tissue saturation and afterwards decompression profile in real time.

This allows to obtain reliable and very safe decompression profiles.

The iX3M Real Time algorithms are so flexible that you can also change their conservatism during the dive.

Most dive computers algorithms make interpolation of stored data to calculate decompression profiles of the dive profile made by the diver. A cheap way to do it, but you have to adapt your dive to the profiles stored in the dive computer.


Super easy-to-use on surface and during the dive

  • 4 Physical Buttons – It’s easier to get what you want
    An User-friendly menu and four mechanical buttons to navigate it.
  • HOME Button – Never get lost in a menu during the dive
    The iX3M’s menu is easy to navigate but just in case you get lost, press the Home button to go back to the dive screen. Intuitiveness at its best.


Repetitive dives management – More dives a day in more days: no problem at all.

Featuring the Real time Algorithms the iX3M calculates your real tissue saturation status and calculates your repetitive dive profile according to your previous dives. This means that your profile is always optimized, even after more days of repetitive dives.


Full Deco table – Everything is going as planned

All the informations about your deco, always at your fingertips during your tech dive. Not only the global TTS, but all the deco stops, time and mix to be used. Updated in RealTime,  throughout the whole dive.


Deep Stop, Deco Stop and Safety Stop – Fully customizable, All of them!

  • Safety Stop in your agency’s style
    Set the Depth and the time of the Safety stop. Your certification agency will be happy.
  • Deep Stops in all styles
    Deep Stops OFF, with Standard method or with Pyle Method. It’s up to you.
  • Deco Stops in your style
    Set the Deco Steps for every range of Depth you want. The iX3M will do the math for you.


Gauge AVG – Resettable Average Depth and Timer

  • One Button to reset the Average Depth,
  • One Button to reset the Timer,
  • One Button for the Compass


It can tell you everything – In the easiest way, using just one button during the dive

  • Full Deco Table
    Updated in RealTime, throughout the whole dive.
  • Tissue Saturation
    Your current tissue saturation. During the decompression you can see which tissues you have to desaturate to continue the ascent.
  • HD Dive Profile
    The graphic of the current dive diagram, in the magnificent 2.8inc. 144 dpi resolution screen. Updated in Real Time during the dive.
  • And everything else
    Of course the iX3M has also any other information you may desire. Active Mix, Partial pressure of Oxygen, ascension speed; Gradient Factors (or critical bubble radius), OTU, CNS; Temperature, Average Depth and Maximum Depth.


The iX3M never leaves you alone even in unexpected conditions

  • Manual management of the set Mixes
    The iX3M lets you easily perform a Gas Break or manually manage the mix changes, e.g. anticipating the scheduled Mix change at a different depth. You have the complete control of your technical dive.
  • You can change the conservatism, even during the dive
    What if something wrong with your dive and you have not enought gas to respect the ”Time To Surface” indication?
    The iX3M allows you to change the conservatism even during the dive to reduce the TTS and brings you to the surface in the safetiest way.
    The iX3M Easy and the iX3M Deep lets you change the conservatism level (PS), the iX3M Tech+ the Gradient Factors or the RØ.
  • Disableable Deco Control lockout
    If you use the computer as a backup for your table-scheduled dive or for extreme cave diving, probably you will not (or can not) follow step-by-step the deco indications of the iX3M, causing the lockout of the computer.
    The iX3M allows you to disable the lockoutto continue a coherent calculation of your deco and tissue saturations anyway.


A complete Planner inside – A Real Simulation your next dive

Simulate your next dive according to the current settings of the iX3M like mixes, conservatism, etc. and your previous dives. You have just to set the bottom time and the depth. More a Simulator than a Planner.


It thinks like a Rebreather – 3 Diluents + Automatic or Manual SET POINT

  • Let the iX3M switch automatically the Set Points or change them manually.
  • Set up to 3 different diluents and set the Algoritm’s Gradient Factors (or Critical Bubble Radius for VPM).
  • The iX3M can work perfectly with any kind of Rebreather.


Fully Personalizable – Your iX3M, your favourite colors

Choose the color of the data, of the titles, of the menus, of the alarms …


Ambient light sensor – Optimising autonomy and readability

Let the iX3M automatically regulate the luminosity of the screen in real time, but if you prefer you can set your favourite fixed luminosity level.


Vibration Alarms – The iX3M has alarms only you can feel

In addition to the traditional visual and acoustic alarms the iX3M feature a very powerful vibration alarm. So powerful you can feel it even with a dry-suit.


Redundant Stretch-Belts or Redundant Bungees – You have just to choose

The iX3M comes with two redundant and extremely resistant Stretch-Belts with fast release system, and it is ready to be equipped with the redundant bungees.


Long life USB Rechargeable Battery – Up to 40hr of autonomy.

  • Up to 40hr of autonomy
    Always visible at the top-left angle.
  • One cable to rule them all
    To recharge the battery and to connect to the PC/Mac


The Best Compass ever seen – 3D, 1° of resolution and +/- 1° of accuracy

Tilt compensated up to 85° supported by a complete inertial platform. With visual and numerical indication of the direction and the reciprocal direction.


Oxygen analyser for iX3M – The World’s first computer with Oxygen Analyser Integration

Simply plug the accessory to your iX3M and transform it in a professional Gas Mix Analyser with a real time completely automatic Gas analysis. Using its sensors the iX3M will check the correct calibration and the atmospheric conditions to make a perfect analysis of the Oxygen % inside the tank.


Integrated Gas Blender – The World’s first in a dive computer.

Just tell the iX3M what is inside your tanks and what Mix you want to get. The iX3M will tell you how to make it. Both Nitrox and Trimix.


APPs for iX3M

The iX3M has everything inside, and something more.

  • Weather forecast
    Sunny, cloudy, rainy …
  • Magnetometer
    The iX3M can measure the magnetic field of the Earth and its magnetic alterations caused by ferromagnetic materials like iron.
  • Luxmeter
    The iX3M can measure the ambient light.
  • Altimeter
    With automatic altitude compensation for altitude diving.
  • Thermometer
    Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Barometer
    For the barometric pressure.
  • Pitch&Roll
    The iX3M accelerometer indicates your grade, on both vertical and horizontal axis.
  • Moon Calendar
    New, Waxing, Waning, Full.
    You can also check the past and the future moon phases.
  • Chronometer
    Ready, Steady, Go!
    Visualise partial times as well as the lap time.